Peatükk 1.1 (Step 3)

Lesson 1



Do you remember Sander? He’s an Estonian schoolboy, he’s 11 years old and he lives in a town called Tartu.

Sander likes going to camps. He goes to different camps every summer. He always has a good time there and makes lots of new friends. Last year he went to two camps – a sports camp and an adventure camp. Sander is good at sports, he plays basketball and tennis, so he liked the sports camp a lot. The adventure camp was cool too. They played a lot of adventure games and went on lots of trips.

Irregular verbs

speak – spoke

can – could

But this summer Sander was at a very interesting camp. Read what he said about it in a postcard to his granny.

Dear Granny,

This is Camp Loch Ness. It’s in Scotland. Camp Loch Ness is an international camp. The children here are from lots of different countries. Everyone here speaks English. I’m in a tent with three other boys. Pierre is from France. He’s 11 years old and is very good at playing football. Tomek is from Poland. He’s 12. He’s a good singer and has his guitar with him. Juan is from Spain – he’s the oldest. He’s 13 and his younger brother is at the camp too. The teachers are from English speaking countries – the UK, America and Canada. There’s even one from Australia – her name’s Cindy.

Days in Camp Loch Ness are filled with different activities. We take part in ball games, first aid training and swimming lessons. We go hiking and swimming, make costumes for the costume party and learn songs for the song contest. Tomek wrote a song about the camp that we can sing in four different languages!






We play adventure games every day.

We do not play ball games every day.

Do you play board games every day?

What do you play every day?


The boys liked boating.

The boys didn’t like hiking.

Did the boys like swimming?

What did the boys like best?

PRESENT SIMPLE (3rd person)

Sander speaks English well.

Sander doesn’t speak French.

Does Sander speak any Spanish?

What languages does Sander speak?

PAST SIMPLE (irregular verbs)

Sander went to a sports camp.

Sander didn’t go to an art camp.

Did Sander go to an adventure camp?

Why did Sander go to an international camp?


Exercise 1.1

Make sentences using the following expressions:

to have a good time

to be good at something

at the camp

everyone speaks / likes / plays

to be from Australia / France / Spain

to be filled with activities / games

to take part in games / lessons

to go hiking / swimming

to go on trips

Exercise 1.2

Describing people.

HAIR: long, short, dark, light, black, brown, red, blonde,

straight, curly

FACE: eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth

CLOTHES: a dress, a skirt, trousers, shorts, a blouse, a shirt,

a t-shirt, a jacket, a sweater, a coat, socks, tights, a hat, a cap

FOOTWEAR: shoes, trainers, sandals, boots, slippers

Describe Sander’s friends from Camp Loch Ness.

Exercise 1.3

Describe your classmates.

Palun oota