Õppekomplekt (Science, Grade 5)

Science, Grade 5

Kersti Jankovski, Rein Kuresoo
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Kersti Jankovski, Rein Kuresoo, Tiia Kuresoo

1. Water

1.1. We Could Not Survive Without Water
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1.2. Water is a Substance with Properties
1.3. States of Water, and Changes in State
1.4. Properties of Solid, Gaseous and Liquid Substances
1.5. Thermal Expansion of Water: Heating and Cooling Water
1.6. Surface Tension and Wetting
1.7. Capillarity
1.8. Groundwater
1.9. Uses of Water

2. Rivers and Lakes

2.1. River Systems
2.2. Water Feeds the River
2.3. The Course of a River
2.4. Rivers are Diverse
2.5. Lakes
2.6. Lakes are Diverse
2.7. Properties of Lake Water
2.8. Adaptations of Aquatic Animals
2.9. Adaptations of Aquatic Plants
2.10. Water Bodies as Ecological Communities
2.11. Lake Plants
2.12. Many Invertebrates Live in Lakes
2.13. Vertebrates in Lakes
2.14. River Plants
2.15. River Animals: Invertebrates and Fish
2.16. River Animals: Mammals and Birds

3. Air

3.1. Air and Air Composition
3.2. Properties of Air: Air Temperature
3.3. Properties of Air: Air Pressure
3.4. Air Pressure and Wind
3.5. Oxygen
3.6. Air and Plants
3.7. Air and Animals
3.8. Air Pollution and Protection
3.9. Weather
3.10. Weather Elements: Air Temperature
3.11. Weather Elements: Speed and Direction of Wind
3.12. Weather Elements: Clouds
3.13. Weather Elements: Precipitation
3.14. Climate

4. The Baltic Sea

4.1. The Baltic Sea
4.2. Water in the Baltic Sea
4.3. Weather and the Baltic Sea
4.4. Sea and Human Activity
4.5. Plants and Algae in the Baltic Sea
4.6. Fish of the Baltic Sea
4.7. Invertebrates and Mammals of the Baltic Sea
4.8. Seabirds
4.9. Islands and Coastal Plants
4.10. Pollution and Protection of the Baltic Sea

5. Extras

5.1. Nature Diary
5.2. Important Terms
5.3. Impressum
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